Jaffar Panahi’s “this is not a film” in San Francisco

The SF film society will screen “This is not a film” from the prominent director Jafar Panahi. This coming friday (April 6th) to the 12th, you can watch the movie at the following adress 1746 Post Street (Webster/Buchanan)>

For more than three decades, Iranian Filmmakers have faced severe restrictions imposed by the state in post revolutionary Iran. More recently, and since the crackdown that followed the fraudulent 2009 presidential elections, some of Iran’s most celebrated filmmakers have either left the country or have experienced arrests and detentions.

Internationally renowned Jafar Panahi is one of those filmmakers. He is currently under house arrest, and his plight has received extensive International attention. After a year long court battle, last October, Mr. Panhai was sentenced to a 20-year ban on directing , script writing, giving press interviews and leaving the country.

Not being able to work as a filmmaker, with help from documentarian Mojataba Miraftab, he made a documentary about himself , he called it !“This Is Not a Film” and dedicated it to all Iranian filmmakers. This is not a film was shot inside Jafar Panahi’s flat in Tehran, on digital video (and, at one point, an iPhone) and smuggled to France on a USB thumb drive that was hidden inside a cake.

I spoke with Dr Hossein Khosraojah, a visiting scholar California College of the Arts about Jafar Panahis’ latest work which will open in San Francisco this Friday and the larger question of where Iranian cinema is today!



Informations source from the this is not a film official website.

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