Khalil Bendib, our wonderful co-host, at La Pena

Khalil Bendib, co-host of Voices of the Middle East And North Africa, will be launching his new Prez-in-the-Fez bid for the White House, just in time to beat Obama and Romney after giving them enough of a head start. Besides his stomp speech, Mr. Bendib will also be presenting his newest book of editorial cartoons, “Too Big To Fail.”

The second half, by local graphic authors Amir and Khalil, will showcase the international hit graphic novel “Zahra’s Paradise,” which became an internet sensation when it was first serialized on the web in 2010 and has been published in 16 languages across the world so far. Zahra’s Paradise tells the story of a Tehran mother searching for her 19-year old son in a giant demonstration following the stolen Iranian election of June 2009, and is a tragicomic account of egregious human rights abuses under the religious dictatorship of Iran.
PS: Rumors have been circulating: Khalil and Khalil Bendib have never been seen in the same room at the same time. Could they be one and the same person? Come to La Peña and find out for yourself!

The Event will be at La Pena this coming Friday, September 21th, at 8pm.

Khalil at la pena by vomena_radio



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