Vomena: March 4th, 2015

Dave Zirin on Corruption and Forced Labor to Bring the World Cup to Qatar

The 2022 FIFA World Cugrieving-parents-Nepal-007p is already marred with controversy after The Guardian released a report on the conditions of Nepalese and other immigrant workers in Qatar. According to the report, young Nepalese workers were dying at rate of nearly one per day and were subject to deplorable living conditions. The workers’ pay is often withheld for months and the employers are refusing to give them documentation, which would allow them to seek other work. Director of Anti-Slavery International Aidan McQuade called the report “a clear proof of the use of systematic forced labor in Qatar.”
In our first segment, Shahram Aghamir speaks with The Nation’s sportswriter Dave Zirin about corruption in FIFA and the use of forced labor in Qatar to complete the more than 100 billion dollar construction of infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. He is the author of Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy. You can read his article on Qatar here. ( Photograph: Peter Pattison/guardian.co.uk )

TehranNoirSalar Abdoh on His Award Winning Anthology Tehran Noir

In his new anthology, Iranian-American novelist and essayist Salar Abdoh has brought together 15 Iranian writers to reflect on Tehran and its many social and political contradictions. In the  introduction of the anthology, he writes “most writers around the world are inclined to think that their own sprawling metropolis is the capital of every imaginable vice and crime, of impossible love and tenderness and cruelty and malice in measures that seldom exist anywhere else. For me, Tehran’s case is no different—except that there really is a difference here. The city may be a hothouse of decadence, a den of inequity, all that. But it still exists under the watchful eye of a very unique entity, the Islamic Republic.”

Malihe Razazan talks to Salah Abdoh about the genesis of Tehran Noir and the unique landscape of Iran’s mega-city capital. In addition to being the editor and translator of Tehran Noir, he is the author of several books and short stories, including his most recent novel Tehran at Twilight. You can read reviews and purchase Tehran Noir here.

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