VOMENA: August 5, 2015


Kamran Matin on the Continuing Turkish Attacks on the PKK

s200_kamran.matinIn 1919, the Kurds brought their demands for an autonomous state to the Paris Conference in the wake of World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Nearly a century  later, the Kurdish question remains unresolved in the four countries in the Middle East where most Kurdish people live today: Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. As it has been widely reported, following an IS suicide bombing in the Turkish border town of Suruc  which killed 32 people mostly very young students, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), reacted by killing two Turkish police officers, which served as a pretext for an all-out Turkish attack on PKK bases in the Qandil mountains of Northern Iraq.

This week, We’ll bring you the first part of our conversation with Sussex University professor Kamran Matin about the ongoing attack on Kurdish positions and the future of the Kurdish movement in the greater Middle East.

Henry Norr on the Accusations Against Alison Weir

henrynorrOver the past two decades, the Marin County based organization If Americans Knew has worked tirelessly  to  advocate for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.  Recently, the organization and its founder, Alison Weir, has come under attack by another local peace group, Jewish Voice for Peace. JVP is a liberal organization which was born in Berkeley at about the same time as If Americans Knew, and  until recently had collaborated with IAK.

We speak with well known Berkeley peace activist, Henry Norr, who has worked with both groups, to try understand what is behind this dispute among ostensible allies.


Additional Information

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