VOMENA: August 12, 2015

Continuing Coverage of the Turkish attack on the PKK

Photo: REUTERS/Murad Sezer.

Photo: REUTERS/Murad Sezer.

In a televised speech on August 11, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed that his government would continue its military campaign against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) ” until weapons are laid down … and not one single terrorist” remained within his country’s borders. The statement came nearly two weeks after the Turkish government had announced a two-pronged “anti-terror” offensive against Daaesh or the Islamic State militants in Syria and the PKK strongholds in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey. Turkey’s air raids have predominantly targeted the PKK, which accuses the Turkish state of using its campaign against Daesh or the Islamic State as cover for taking on the Kurdish rebels. The PKK militants have also responded by attacking Turkish security forces. The renewed fighting takes place two years after the Turkish state and the PKK agreed to a ceasefire, which was supposed to bring an end to three decades of bloody conflict between the two sides.

This week, We bring you the second part of our conversation with professor Kamran Matin,  a senior lecturer in International Relations at Sussex University, about the ongoing attack on Kurdish positions and the future of the Kurdish movement in the greater Middle East.

The Francophone school in Oakland

Over the past few centuries, the French language, just like English and Spanish, has spread all over the globe conveying values both positive and negative, of knowledge and emancipation, as well as conquest and oppression. Today, communities across the globe are reclaiming the empowering aspects of this rich language and culture, and Oakland has just opened its first independent charter Francophone school. This week, we speak with Algerian-born school director Mohammed Ben Mohammed Daoudi and his co-director René Waneka.


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