VOMENA: October 14, 2015


The Bloodbath in Turkey

A pair of shoes, belonging to a street vendor who was selling Turkish traditional bagel or simit, is placed at the bombing scene during a commemoration for the victims of Saturday's bomb blasts, in AnkaraOn Saturday, two powerful bombs turned a peaceful rally in Ankara into into a bloody nightmare. According to the People’s Democratic Party’s (HDP) estimates so far, 128 people have been killed and over 500 injured, some in critical condition The anger against the government of president Erodgan has been evident in the aftermath of the massacre, as tens of thousands of people took to street shouting slogans against the government, chanting “ murderer Erdogan, murderer police.”

Immediately following  the horrific attack,  the government censored news coverage and banned all photographs and any associated images “that create fear and panic”. Officials warned that any Turkish media organizations violating the ban would face “permanent blackout.” This week, we’ll have a conversation with Istanbul based political scientist Dr. Osman Sahin about the massacre in Ankara and the increasing frequency of attacks on peaceful gatherings in Turkey. (Photo: Reuters.com)

The Extent of Racism in Israel

.In the past week, the images of palestinian protesters being executed by Israeli soldiers have been circulating widely on social media. One of the most shocking videos shows a 13 year old Palestinian boy in east Jerusalem bleeds to death, a Jewish settler verbally abuses him while the Israeli police watch. This rampant racism has not spared the African migrants fleeing the destruction of the Sudan and other war torn areas. Independent journalist and filmmaker David Sheen has been closely following the development of widespread and officially sanctioned Anti-African racism in Israel. In a recent article for Middle East Monitor he writes “With public sympathy for the asylum-seekers all but extinguished, the government passed a law permitting it to round Africans up off the streets, out of Israeli cities, and into desert containment camps. Once there, the government applies its stated policy to “make their lives miserable“, in order to pressure them to grudgingly agree to be deported back to the tortures they originally fled from, instead of languishing in these jails for what might be the rest of their lives.”

In a two part interview, David sheen spoke with khalil Bendib about  the dehumanizing and racist discourse in Israel against Palestinians, Africans and other non-Jews by top Israeli political and religious leaders, and the vigilante attacks they inspire. (Photo: Atlanta Black Star)

David Sheen will be speaking about racism in Israel in San Jose on October  21st, Berkeley, October 22nd and Oakland on October 25th.

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