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More on Gaza; Reparations for African Victims of Colonization & Slavery.

Aired January 21, 2009

In this program we listen to the second part of a series on reparations for African victims of colonization and slavery. The week prior, we discussed the movement for reparations for slavery in the United States, and in tonight’s segment we look towards the other side of the Atlantic Ocean at the continuing quest for reparations on the African continent. We talk with Karim Kebir, editorial writer for the Algerian daily newspaper, Liberte, about the recent breakthrough accord between Libya and Italy in which Italy agreed to formally apologize and pay reparations to Libya for 31 years of colonization.
Later in the program, we  bring you a special commentary on the massacres in Gaza by Osha Neumann, Berkeley artist, attorney and author of the recent memoir, “Up Against the Wall Mother F-ers.” We follow that with an interview with Nadia Hijab, about the tragic destruction of a children’s music center in Gaza. Nadia Hijab is Senior Fellow at the DC-based Institute for Palestine Studies.

And finally, we close with an eye-witness commentary of the Israeli war on Gaza written by legendary Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif.

Click here to listen to program.

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