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8.27.2014 – Academic freedom in the US and global sex trafficking

Earlier this month, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign rescinded its offer to hire Professor Steven Salaita. The University President and Board of Trustees claimed in an open letter that his Twitter presence, where he is highly critical of Israel’s massacre of Gaza, represents “disrespectful and demeaning speech that promotes malice.” He is by no means the first professor who has come under attack for criticizing Israel’s colonial policies. In 2009, UC Santa Barbara sociologist William Robinson came under attack for his commentary on Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. Professor Robinson discusses the Israel lobby’s organized attacks on academic freedom in the United States.

William Robinson is professor of sociology, global and international studies, and Latin American studies at UC Santa Barbara. His latest book is Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity.

Photo by Mimi Chakarova

In this week’s second segment, Malihe Razazan spoke with award winning investigative photojournalist and filmmaker Mimi Chakarova about her decade-long investigation into the world sex trafficking industry. In this interview, which will be continued on next week’s show, Chakarova discusses the importance of her photojournalism work. In order to gain access to victims of the sex trafficking industry for her documentary, The Price of Sex, Chakarova posed as a prostitute herself. In this way, she was able to present these women from a perspective of empathy; something that, she says, male journalists posing as clients could not do. In the interview, she explains why it is nearly impossible for women to escape once they have been enslaved in the industry and gives us a more in-depth understanding of how underlying systems of corruption and capitalism make Turkey and Dubai have become hubs for women subjected to sex trafficking.

Mimi Chakarova is  one of 10 world renowned photographers whose work will be showcased in the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center’s Envisioning Human Rights Photo Exhibition which kicks off on Thursday, August 28th and it runs through October. The exhibit features photos from Bosnia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Brazil, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Burma, Vietnam, Moldova, Iraq, and the United States


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Photographs by Mimi Chakarova

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